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On-Premises Data Center Hosting

Data Center Space

Our Data Center Space Offerings can include anything from racks and cabinets to tailor-made solo cages or private suites. The space refers to the area of leased space available for servers to be stored in a data facility.


​Companies interested in renting cabinet space may usually choose from a quarter, third, half or full cabinet (or cabinets). Steel colocation cages are built to suit, based on the user’s specific power and space requirements.


Private suites offer additional privacy, security and efficiency needed for the customer’s team to support their data infrastructure. These hard-walled suites can be configured with a dedicated security system that limits access to authorized individuals selected by the customer.

Private Suite
Private Suite
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Should you lease a Data Center Space?

Leasing data center space is a convenient way for corporate users to maintain and secure their servers without the capital costs and hassles of operating their own data center environment.

With Eemont, your data center space will be monitored closely. Temperature and humidity is closely monitored as well, to ensure optimal conditions for mission-critical equipment.

Consultancy & Selection

Modern IT infrastructure keeps your business competitive, adaptable and secure. But moving away from your trusted legacy systems can be intimidating, complex and resource-intensive.

We’re here to identify, implement and optimize solutions and strategies that drive progress toward your goals. Additionally, our experts can aid in disaster recovery consultancy and selection.


Colocation facilities offer scalability, continuity and security for applications, data and systems and often provide access to the most advanced data center technology, while removing the need to build, staff and manage in-house server rooms or data centers, giving you the ability to focus on your business.

This encompasses the infrastructure, cooling, power, bandwidth, physical security & more.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting enables you to have a server that is dedicated solely to your company.

Eemont will help you maintain your server including its integrity, reliability and performance.

This option suits companies with limited technological experience or expertise. It is also a good choice for your company that doesn’t want to have the initial capital expense of purchasing their own server.

Our Solutions

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