Managed Cloud Services

Deliver competitive advantages despite demands of always-on operations.

With SMART-C Managed Cloud Services from Eemont,  the responsibility for delivering and maintaining an optimized deployment of the industry’s most resilient, low latency, high-scale real-time data platform is transferred to us, so that you can focus on what’s most important.



System Patching

We can help to physically interface with your systems, network equipment, applications, infrastructure, etc. to implement new patches and updates.


Patching is needed as it repairs existing bugs, security vulnerabilities, or puts preparations in place to prevent future ones




We use manual or automated management techniques to review, observe, and manage the operational workflow in a cloud-based IT infrastructure.

It allows us to predict and prevent possible vulnerability to future issues before they arise.




We attempt to reduce manual intervention associated with provisioning, configuring, and managing public/private/hybrid cloud environments by implementing tools and processes.

  • Auto-Scaling

  • In-house developed automation tools



Resource Provisioning

We provide resources as Virtual Machines (VMs) from cloud providers to customers (users, organizations) on demand and in a pay-per-use model.




We look for changes in the system that roughly correlates to your problem, and consider rolling back, as a first step to mitigate the problem and stop the negative implications. 


Our longer-term goal is to identify and fix the root cause so the problem will not recur.



Cloud Platform Administration

Our Cloud technology experts are experienced in designing highly available, scalable, and secure cloud solutions. The service can include transitioning locally hosted infrastructure to the cloud, configuring cloud environments to meet your company's needs, and architecting systems for data management.



Cost Efficient

Drive Business Efficiency with
cost-effective Cloud Platforms


Our solutions are flexible and

tailored for your business needs


Enable your business to connect rapidly with new/existing mesh of networks and partners

One-Stop Service

Grow your presence and connect with the world’s communication hubs through a single relationship with Eemont

Optimized Experience

We ensure successful and efficient cloud deployment by validating and testing the solution in our own environment first.


Protected with abundant power supplies, security and robust Service Level Agreements

Need Help? You can simply tell us.

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