Data Center Connectivity

Constructing a secure and reliable connectivity between your offices and data centers.

With Eemont's Data Center Solutions, you can choose and customize the data center network architecture to suit the needs of your business.

Connectivity Solutions

IP Transit

High-speed, highly resilient broadband full BGP Internet table for ISPs, ASPs, CPs, telecoms and data center operators and corporates. Our partners enable us to achieve ultimate connectivity. Extensive connections and well-established bilateral peering with numerous providers worldwide allow for load-balancing, route optimization and excellent global and regional coverage.

Local Loop

Our services encompass point-to-point, multipoint-to-multipoint, or point-to-multipoint Local Loop. Services are then further classified according to the bandwidth provisioned and used. This bandwidth usage can be exclusive or shared across multiple users.


Our Multi Protocol Label Switching provides you with a private IP network enhanced with high quality secure connectivity. This service delivers appropriate levels of latency, jitter, and packet loss to ensure a successful, concurrent handling of multiple types of traffic, voice and video.


We provide dedicated, reliable and secure point to point connectivity solutions between customers’ premises to locations worldwide. It supports all types of traffic (voice, data, video or any other latency and jitter sensitive multimedia applications). The wide range of bandwidths offers scalability and flexibility to meet your present and future communications needs.


With Eemont's International Ethernet Private Line, you can grow your network for your mission-critical business applications.

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Network Diagramming

By understanding your business requirements, our team of experts will be able to draw the schematic representations of the underlying physical or logical network topologies. These diagrams consist of nodes and lines, with different icons to make it easy to quickly see different elements on the network. Diagrams can range from hand-drawn maps to automated, highly customizable software diagrams

Examples of logical diagrams can be seen below. Should you require customization, contact us at for more information.

Connectivity-traditional 3-tier build.png
Connectivity-spineleaf structure build.png