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Corporate IT Solutions

Implement suitable business communication and surveillance infrastructure that suits your business needs. We work to implement Office IT and Staff IT Solutions that suit your business after understanding your needs.

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Our experts have delivered and managed many large-scale IT infrastructure projects for large internet companies in many countries in the Southeast Asia region, ranging from various industries such as E-Commerce, gaming, social media, finance, digital payment, and banking. With our pool of experience, you can expect to receive dedicated and consistent quality service from Eemont.

Our Team


Equipment For Work

Provide your staff with the right technology to work effectively.

  • Desktops

  • Headsets

  • Keyboards

  • Laptops

  • Monitors

  • Mouse


Software To Improve Work Efficiency

Looking for specific software applications to help your staff work better? Here are our offerings:

  • Creative and Marketing Software

    • Open and Free Software

    • Adobe Business Plan or Single Application

  • Diagramming

    • AutoCAD

    • Lucid Chart

    • Microsoft Visio

    • OmniGraffle

  • Office Applications

    • Google Business (Starter/Business/Enterprise)

    • Office 365 (Basic/Standard/Premium)

  • Video Conferencing

    • Cisco Webex

    • Google Meet

    • Zoom


Our Support


We are always there to ensure your business’ IT infrastructure is running resiliently. With regular infrastructure checks and proactive monitoring, we ensure that potential risks are well managed in advance before it causes any business interruptions. 

Moreover, we provide optional desktop support for the day-to-day IT needs of your staff. This includes computer setup, troubleshooting, software installation, etc. The desktop support is provided through our dedicated IT support platform (iteasuite). Explore the functionality of iteasuite by signing up for free.

Need some professional advice? Contact us to book a consultation appointment.