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CCTV & Door Access

We offer CCTV cameras with audio-recording functions; Smart CCTV cameras with motion detection, intrusion detection or people counting functions, which will be able to deliver clear and sharp footage.


The Door access systems we carry are straightforward and they come in the forms of card access, fingerprint readers and facial recognition systems. Some brands we carry are Axis, Hikvision, unv and ZKTeco.


Collaborative Tools

We offer Smartboards, Video Cameras, Microphones and other video conferencing devices that facilitate collaborative work beyond physical boundaries. These equipment enable people, who are far from each other, to work together seamlessly as if they were in the same room. 

Some brands we carry are HUAWEI, MAXHUB and Microsoft.


Email Hosting

Secure your email data and transaction with our email hosting service. Have your business look more professional by customizing your own email address with your domain name!

Having a business domain name helps your business gain trust from your clients as well. Contact us to find out more about the email services we offer.

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IT Asset Management

IT asset management is critical to supporting ITIL processes, including change, incident, and problem management. With the right data at their fingertips, IT teams can move quickly and predict the impact of changes before they happen. This enables the organizations to get more innovative and deliver value more rapidly. 

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Network Solutions

Grow your business with the latest networking solutions that keeps your employees engaged, connected and productive wherever they are.

At Eemont, we make it easier to find the just-right wireless, networking, security, and collaboration products for your business. Discuss your business needs with us and get your network solution by making an appointment now.


Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

With a network connection, NAS enables authorized network users and varied clients to store and retrieve data from a central location. NAS devices are flexible and scalable, meaning that as and when you need, you can add more storage to what you have.


NAS is like having a private cloud in the office. It’s faster, less expensive and provides all the benefits of a public cloud on site, giving you complete control.

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Printers enable office workers to easily print, copy, scan, fax, store, and transmit documents from a networked device. 

With the latest innovations in technology and digital transformation, we offer the best printing solutions and managed print services to improve workflow, maximized cost-savings and improved productivity.


Server Racks

A server rack is a structure that is designed specifically to house technical equipment including routers, switches, hubs, and servers in an organized manner. They are needed to ensure sufficient airflow to prevent overheating of technical equipment.

As racks are typically placed in business' in-house server rooms or in data centers, they come in various sizes and are able to house different types of equipment. Contact our sales team to find out more about our rack offerings.

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With the latest telephony technology, users are now able to make calls over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, at much lower cost than over the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).

At Eemont, we offer One-Stop-Shop Telephony Solutions with expert consultation and installations of business telephone system. Some of the brands we carry are Avaya, Cisco, Starhub, Yealink and Yeastar.

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